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However, that is just the beginning. It symbolizes the climb to get somewhere beautiful. A challenge endured for a great reward. The passion behind 5174 Craft Beer Co. is derived from the commitment we have to our community. Lake Arrowhead welcomes all sorts of folks from around this globe. We want to make sure they are greeted with the quality and caliber of beer they deserve. The mountains, the forests and the lake do that in troves. We as people and businesses try to keep up with the natural wonders.

We also stand for the rich culture that the Paiute and Serrano Indians established long before city folk headed up the mountain. We believe their cultures are just as, if not more important than the culture created by building a foundation for the village. You will find visual traces of the heritage from Lake Arrowhead’s tourism boom in our branding and all of the history this mountain town offers in just about everything we do.

We hope that while you sip our beer, you learn a little something about the community we care so much about. The mountain has provided so much to us, and we hope our contribution of hops, malt and barley make drinking in the natural wonders of Lake Arrowhead that much more enjoyable.

Grant Dunning and Netta Calzada, Founders

In short, 5174 is the elevation of Lake Arrowhead, California, our home

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