The Candito Bandito is out in Southern California and we need your help to capture him and his fellow outlaws in order to bring them to justice! You can join the bounty and collect your reward both in-person and online! How will you know you have found Candito or his cohorts? Their branding must bear the names “Brewed and Bottled at”:

Inland Empire Brewing Company
Divine Science Brewing Co
Three Marm Brewing
Euryale Brewing
Booze Brothers Brewing Co
California Wild Ales
Garage Brewing

How to participate online:
Save your delivery bag and use it to collect your recyclables once you’re done enjoying them, on your subsequent delivery tell us in the notes how many cans or bottles you’ve left for pickup. Cans and bottles should be clean and dry. We will collect them during your delivery and issue a voucher for your next online purchase.

How to participate in person:
Bring any SoCal.Beer can or bottle into our 1710 Palmyrita Ave location during business hours. Cans or bottles must be counted, clean and in a clear plastic bag. Store credit will be issued and it must be used on that same visit.


Q: What if I have cans from a different brewery not on your list?
A: We will accept and recycle all cans, but we can only issue credit for cans we produce or distribute.

Q: What if I don’t want credit?
A: We will issue 5 cents CRV for all cans we produce. To be eligible the can or bottle must have a label indicating it was canned or bottled at 1710 Palmyrita Ave, Suite 11 Riverside Ca. CRV checks are processed and mailed within 7-10 business days. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your bottles or cans.

Q: Im not sure if you will accept this can or bottle. What should I do?
A: Email a picture of the can and the label to

Q: What are you doing with all these cans anyway?
A: The cans we receive are first sanitized with a commercial contact sanitizer then weighed, counted, compacted and finally shipped in bulk to a local recycling facility.

The Balance of the Force is in your hands! VOTE NOW!

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