Tony’s Tasting

Come join us on the amazing lake view patio at Tony’s Kitchen in Crestline Friday September 4, from 2pm till 6pm for complementary tasters from Tony’s all new craft beer menu.

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Four Pack Tasters

Food Pairing

India Pale Ales have strong hop flavors and aromas. They pair well with bold foods like Tony’s Burgers. Spice it up for a great flavor combination.

Lighter beers, wits, blondes all go well with Tony’s Tacos, Salads and Ceviche. Sours can also pair well with these but go really well with Tony’s cheese dip.

Darker beers go well with steak, burgers and also sometimes fish. The Muckergee and Robusto should be tried with Skirt steak.

Single Bottles & Cans

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